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Mach 8900

This hanging electronic scale is fully stainless steel. It has been designed having in mind the needs of fish markets all over the world and for any retail store where the counter must remain free.

This scale is equipped with a short-stroke mechanical keyboard with waterproof membrane and 84 keys (48x2 direct PLUs). The scale manages up to 30 vendors and is equipped with a plug-in cassette printer with fast roll replacement for tickets, adhesive papers and labels.

It is connectable in network up to 16 electronic scales for a comprehensive store management.

Technical specifications

Standard Equipment

• Double graphical ¼ VGA monochrome LCD display
• High speed printer (125 mm/sec) with 2 or 3 inches head and plug-in cassette (roll diameter: 110 mm)
• 2 serial ports RS232 and 2 RS485 for the connection between scales
• Available capacities: 12 Kg div. 2 g; 15 Kg div. 5 g; 30 Kg div. 5 g; 6/15 Kg div. 2/5 g; 12/30 Kg div. 2/5 g
• Easy and intuitive functions display and programming
• PC Suite or 8000 Soft software available for PC scale management
• Wide range of options and accessories

Accessories to be ordered separately:

  • Battery anti Black Out
  • Arrangement for direct connection 24 VDC
  • Converter from 12 to 24 Vdc
  • Ethernet card for connection to P.C.
  • Thermal Head 3 “
  • Additional tray roll holder
  • Pole ceiling support
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