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Mach 120 R

The electronic scale MACH 120 R is equipped with a printer for tickets, adhesive paper and labels. It is an electronic scale with 15 vendors, high sensibility membrane keyboard and 1000 PLU (34x2 direct PLUs).

Perfectly suitable for any labeling operation, it is completed by the twin model MACH 120 R-Plus which performs meat traceability (particularly for beef).

120 Soft software performs the scale data management and programming.

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Technical specifications

Standard Equipment

• LED backlit LCD display
• Available capacities: 6 Kg div. 2 g; 15 Kg div. 5 g; 6/15 Kg div. 2/5 g (option); 12/30 Kg div. 2/5 g (option)
• Easy and intuitive functions display and programming

More models available:

Mach 120 TS R

The Mach 120 TS R electronic scale incorporates the advantages of the Mach 120 R series scales, it is an alternative to meet space requirements or he needs to weigh large quantities which impose to maintain the separate weighing platform being matched to the weighing platforms up to 300 kg.

Accessories to be ordered separately:

  • bowl plate
  • Mechanical keyboard (option)
  • Network interface to connect more than 2 scales (compulsory for wi-fi connection)
  • Wi-Fi connection
  • Arrangement for direct connection 24 VDC
  • Special feet for street vendors