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Mach 4120 R

MACH 4120 PR is a compact electronic scale with mechanical keyboard. The scale manages up to 15 vendors, 6 departments, 1000 PLU (40x2 direct keys PLU) and is connectable to other scales up to 6 instruments. In wireless mode up to 4 scales.

MACH 4120 PR includes a thermal printer for tickets, adhesive paper and labels and one bright Led backlit LCD display.

The model MACH 4120 R-Plus offers meat traceability and the possibility to create customized labels.

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Technical specifications

Standard Equipment

• LED backlit LCD display
• Available capacities: 6 Kg div. 2 g; 15 Kg div. 5 g; 6/15 Kg div. 2/5 g (option); 12/30 Kg div. 2/5 g (option)
• Easy and intuitive functions display and programming

More models available:

Mach 4120 R

The electronic balance Mach 4120 R has only one LCD display and is therefore suitable for use self-service or pre-packaging operations.

Accessories to be ordered separately:

  • bowl plate
  • Mechanical keyboard (option)
  • Network interface to connect more than 2 scales (compulsory for wi-fi connection)
  • Wi-Fi connection
  • Arrangement for direct connection 24 VDC
  • Special feet for street vendors