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Mach 8000

Current tradition. Italiana Macchi MACH 8000 traditional electronic retail scales present a few unique features: modern design; double monochrome adjustable (longitudinal) display involving a better vision; last generation, fast and reliable printer for tickets, adhesive paper and labels; waterproof membrane keyboard with thermo-formed keys for high touch sensibility.

The electronic retail scale MACH 8000 manages up to 3000 PLUs and 30 vendors; it is connectable in network up to 16 scales for a comprehensive store management. The customer can choose to communicate with the scales from PC though RS232 serial port, Ethernet or Modem.

MACH 8000 S versions is available too, with 2 or 4 vendors.

This product is indicated for


Standard Equipment

  • Double graphical ¼ VGA monochrome LCD display
  • Keyboard with 105 keys (70x2 direct PLUs)
  • High speed printer (125 mm/sec) for tickets, adhesive paper and labels
  • Available capacities: 12 Kg div. 2 g; 15 Kg div. 5 g; 30 Kg div. 5 g; 6/15 Kg div. 2/5 g; 12/30 Kg div. 2/5 g
  • 2 serial ports RS232
  • Easy and intuitive functions display and programming
  • PC Suite or 8000 Soft software available for PC scale management
  • Wide range of options and accessories

Ulteriori modelli disponibili:  

Mach 8050

La bilancia elettronica Mach 8050 è una alternativa per soddisfare esigenze di spazio o di operatività che impongono di mantenere la piattaforma di pesatura separata.

Accessori da ordinare a parte:

  • Piatto frutta
  • Batterie anti Black Out
  • Predisposizione per attacco diretto 24 Vcc
  • Convertitore da 12 a 24 Vcc
  • Scheda Ethernet per collegamento a P.c.
  • Serie piedini speciali ambulanti