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The Customer

Bembo is synonymous of high quality. Quality as a lifestyle, from the choice of the best raw materials to the final products.
Bembo SpA has been operating in the food sector for more than 25 years. Born as a milk producer, it started breeding prized beef, above all the famous “Chianina”. Bembo owns a few farms in the home area of this old cattle, on the beautiful Tuscany hills in the Province of Siena.

The electronic retail scales of the Series CE 9000 are technologically advanced and multi-functional instruments. Thanks to these electronic scales, the customer, who is given a number when stepping into the store, can purchase from any counter in the shop. All the purchased items, from the different areas (deli, butcher’s, etc.), sum automatically on one single ticket. Only at the time of leaving the store, at the cashier, the cash system releases the summary ticket along with the fiscal receipt.

The Solution

nr.3 CE9000 12/30 kg 2/5 g located on the butcher’s counter and used, apart from weighing, to run promotional presentations

nr.3 CE9000 12/30 kg 2/5 g located on the deli counter

nr.1 CE9000 T working as cash register, connected to A2500 cash register



Via dei Novaj, 1 – 21010 Cardano al Campo, Varese (Italy)

Shop Category

Butcher’s & sale of collateral meat products


Daverio Cesare & C., Varese

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